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Welcome to BLACKGUARD, a hybrid social-raiding guild on Hydraxis. 

Who we are:
A group of sarcastic, bombastic, fruitastic (which I am well aware is not a word, and I am not implying anything about anyone's sexuality, except maybe that one person, but I'm not going to mention anyone's name...) individuals with broad and varied interests, not the least of which includes slaying dragons and gnomes.  Especially gnomes. 

Our mission:
Blackguard believes that Warcraft should be fun, not tedious.  While there are inevitably times of stress, drama, and hours of grinding, these should not be the norm.  As such, we feel that the core values of our guild should revolve more around friendship and fun while emphasizing efficient clearing of content, rather than the simple push for more epics more faster.  With that in mind, our mission is this: We, the members of Blackguard, pledge to rid Azeroth of that which ails it, while refraining from being loot whores or total asshats.  We will refrain from being drama queens or emo bitches.  We will get gear, and be happy for our friends if they get what we want, because we'll eventually beat them on rolls, too.  We'll be cool to each other, yo.  It's like, karma, man.  Karma.

What we're doing now:
Welcome to phase one of Blackguard's ascent.  Gearing for content, prepping for a recruitment push, the building of this website.  Good times.
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Taking our own sweet time

ShorkGL, Feb 15, 11 1:08 PM.
Let's face some facts:  we are never going to be the fastest guild around.  In thinking about it, I'm not sure we want to be.   To me, and in discussion with fellow guildies, half the fun is doing the "cool stuff"  that isn't cutting edge progression. 

Will we raid? yes.

Will we go for wacky achievements? You bet!

So, if you have an achievement you want to get, we'll help you get there!  Just be willing to help others get their achievements to along the way.  Be patient.  We'll get there, but as the title says we'll get there in our own time and enjoy the ride. 


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

CintaeSP, Jan 29, 11 10:10 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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